Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Between Two Ferns w Charlize Theron...& a Discussion About The WNBA

Probably 3 or 4 of my last 8 posts have somehow included Zach Galifianaksifdsijasi and one of his awesome moments...

"The Hangover" needs no explanation and has put Galifiankis on the map for everyone looking for a dose of hilarious comedy.

I was at a wedding in Indiana this past weekend and the morning after our post-reception hotel party, I took an awesome cab ride with a nice cab driver lady back to my place of residence for my exploits in Indy.

During the cab ride, here is what we discussed:

1) My hair looking neat despite the post-party morning-bed syndrome

2) Sunday being an awesome day because of the Yankees-Red Sox game, the Bears game, and the Colts-Cardinals game at night

3) The Indiana Fever

**side note that the Indiana Fever were the discussion for most of the car ride. The cab driver was a season ticket holder to the Fever and has 8 tickets for their home games. I'm sure that runs her somewhere around $29 for all 8 tickets. Either way, she was super stoked that the Fever had made it to the championship of the WNBA. I barely knew that the WNBA season had started, much less was in the playoff phase of things, but whatever...I dropped some of my sick knowledge on the Chicago Sky (Chicago's WNBA team!) and how much they sucked and we hit it off.

I still remembered that one of the Catchings' sisters played for Indiana and that she probably was happy they made it to the championship...My cab driver said, "Oh hell yea, she cried when they won." She told me Larry Bird bought 8,000 seats and gave them away for free for the final game in the conference finals...I bet that ran him $782. My cab driver is going to Game 3 and 4 of the WNBA Championship next week and can't wait because her list of sweet shit (much like my #2 above) has the Indiana Fever added on to the end of it...If you wanna go, I'm sure thousands of tickets are still available at IndianaFever.com**

- Back to the cab discussions -

4) "The Hangover"

** When we discussed my hair we discussed why I was dressed in a suit, with a pink shirt, a tie, and a spilling cup of coffee in my hand. I told her it was because I had just come from a sweet-ass wedding of love, awesomeness, friends, and dancing.

She said, "You look like hell a little but you look good. Yo hair and shirt are different and that's cool [Enter # 1 and the discussion about my hair]. Did you see Kanye's hair at the VMA's? That was different fo sho. Ladies like Kanye cuz he brought dirrent' in with those pink polo's and crazy hair cuts. Ladies like different and I'm sure the ladies like you."

I brushed that weird comment off and decided to leave out the fact that Kanye drank a whole bottle of hennessey (I don't give a shit how you spell it) before he went on-stage and made poor Taylor Swift shit her pants...

Instead, I responded by saying, "Luckily, I dont feel like too much hell. I feel great actually. I had an awesome night! I don't feel like those dudes from that movie, 'The Hangover' at least".

Here's what happened next:

Cab Lady: "Hangover? What's that movie?"
Me: "You know, 4 dudes lose their friend in Vegas? Comedy..."
Cab Lady: "Who's in it?"
Me: "Um...Bradley Cooper. Crazy dude from Wedding Crashers..."
Cab Lady: "Nah..."
Me: "Um...Heather Graham? Hot blonde?"
Cab Lady: "Oh wait...umm..."
Me: "Dude with crazy beard? Zach Galifiankis? Mike Tyson too!"

Exactly. I'm not sure if it was the Galifiankis or Tyson but she f*cking knew what I was talking about. We talked briefly about that movie before the Indiana Fever became the main subject line.

Either way, the above story serves really no meaningful point other than to point out that Zach Galifiankis is hilarious. If you haven't seen his series called, "Between Two Ferns", check it out. Check here for Spooning With A Stranger 'Between Two Ferns' highlights...

It features him being ridiculous and interviewing celebrities who are dumbfounded despite the fact they know he's joking. He's that damn good.

Here's his most recent installment, featuring Charlize Theron.

PS - I understand I said recent and it was done like over a month ago. The fact I've been working and not updated Spooning With A Stranger means nothing to me. I hope you haven't seen it and can laugh at it. If you have seen it, watch again and laugh.


PPS - Go Indiana Fever. I hope they win so best cab driver I've ever had has an awesome weekend. Thanks for the ride home too.

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