Friday, July 31, 2009



It's been a long time. I suppose a lot of apologies are necessary. I can't really explain where I've been. Work is really busy. People keep losing their jobs and then more people do the tasks that were once designed for whole offices. Summer tends to be the busiest time of the year at work too. Soooo....I get delayed.

Since my last post...

- Michael Jackson stopped molesting kids
- Billy Mays stopped being awesome
- Erin Andrews got spied on by a creepster (thank you creepster)
- I lost a wedding band 3 hours before the wedding
- President Obama (sorta) buzzed NYC
- I was in a room when we called someone at work and gave them $10,000
- Megan Fox got hotter
- Many other people got grosser

In the meantime, that doesn't matter...what matters is that Spooning has returned...albeit sort of. As the ridiculously fast summer progresses towards fall, more strange spooning experiences will be posted. I won't promise anything but hopefully it won't be zilch.

For today, a beautiful Friday, I offer these two videos of my favorite new band, "Airbourne".

They released their first CD in 2007 and have another one coming this year. They are from Australia and consider AC/DC a major influence. They fucking rock. They are going to save this world from hell and save Rock 'N' Roll as we know it.

When you look at the review of their album on iTunes, they mention that Airbourne sounds like AC/DC and like Rock 'N' Roll...but Airbourne reminds people that anyone that doesn't get giddy and crazy to the sound of good ole' Rock 'N' Roll is just plain stupid.

Airbourne is fucking fantastic. There's not a dull moment allowed. Watch their videos, tell your friends, show your parents. You will have fun. You will rock. Airbourne will save us all.


Airbourne - "Running Wild" Live Wacken Festival 2008

Airbourne - "Blackjack" Live Wacken Festival 2008

Some audio

Airbourne - "Stand and Deliver"

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  1. Airbourne is a kick-ass band. The Loop was playing them for awhile earlier this year and then they stopped which was too bad.