Monday, June 8, 2009

Megan Fox Mondays!!

Yikes. What a weekend. Yesterday was a long, fun day. I'll explain it later.

More importantly, some random new stuff today. Not a lot, but at least its stuff. And I think it's cool. Which means you should too.

- "The Dark Knight" premieres on HBO this Saturday night, June 13th. HBO made two pretty cool TV spots for the premiere and you can see them HERE and HERE. The song featured is The Pixies "Where Is My Mind". It's a shame to see these ads and think that Heath Ledger is dead. His legend as The Joker is continually growing in time. It truly was an amazing role.

- I link to this video at "With Leather" because what is said over there under the clip is a true statement. People like this are in our government, helping to run a country and helping us decide to buy and bailout corporations like GM. I'm not gonna sugar-coat it. This country is F*CKED with the people we have running it now.

Sorry. The above clip is internet sensation/semi-retard Corrine Brown (D-FL) making an asshole of herself again with fellow U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA). They are arguing/speaking retard about the Lakers/Magic NBA Finals series which is already a joke at 2-0 Lakers. Waters at least can form an argument and seems to understand something about the NBA and the Lakers. The fact she refused to shake Brown's hand is also awesome. Even she understands how dumb Brown is. The fact Brown got into office based off of the above video and this INSTANT CLASSIC VIDEO makes me positive that every person that voted for her was deaf, blind, and severly handicapped. Brown graduated from Florida and apparently received a degree in public speaking and mental retardedness. Yes. This country is f*cked.

- Here's a breakdown of some things that are happening right now with our government and spending...

Bush deficits in his 8-years:

$158B in 2002, $378B in 2003, $413B in 2004, $318B in 2005, $248B in 2006, $162B in 2007, $410B in 2008.

That's $2,087,000,000,000 in deficit over Bush's 8 years. For those curious, the deficit is calculated when you take out the country's expenses from the country's income. That's the deficit. It's different from the national debt.

Bush had been cutting the deficit for a few years but financial bailouts, a weakening economy, and continued wars pushed the deficit back up in his final year of office.

Now, for Obama...
Obama's deficits in 150 days:

$787B "Stimulus" plan, $275B proposed housing plan, $400B for Congress' remaining appropriations bills, $2T proposed financial-stabilization plan and $50B-plus bailout for GM.

The White House is projecting a $1.75T deficit for 2010, while the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has projected it to be $1.85T. That is over TRIPLE the amount that Bush had in his final year of office.

Over the next 8 years, Obama's projected deficits look like this:

$1.85T in 2009, $1.35 T in 2010, $900B in 2011, $650B in 2012, $675B in 2013, $750B in 2014, $790B in 2015, $850T in 2016. By 2019, the CBO projects the deficit to be at $1.18T for that year based on Obama's presidency.

Calculating a frightening 8 years in office for Obama you get $7,815,000,000,000 in deficit. And that's without the proposed $2T financial stabilization plan in the projections.

Yes, Bush spent money. A LOT. But Obama is spending right now like Bush on steroids. He's doing exactly what he promised NOT to do.

* Bush expanded the federal budget by a historic $700B through 2008. Obama's propositions would expand it by another $1T.
* Bush created a Medicare bill that will cost an estimated $800B in its first decade. Obama has proposed a $634B down payment on a new health care fund.
* Bush increased federal education spending 58% faster than inflation. Obama's increase would be a 116% increase.
* Bush became the first President to spend 3% of the GDP on Federal Antipoverty Programs. Obama has increased this spending by 20%.
* Bush tilted the income tax burden toward more upper-income taxpayers. Obama is continuing that trend (partly why upper-income ppl hate Obama and partly bc lower-income ppl couldn't afford taxes based on these projections).

It's scary where we are heading. Obama's approval ratings are dipping but remain relatively high considering our country is made up of a majority of super retarded idiots. Also, since we now own GM, where the hell is my car? I want one, we own it, gimme a damn car.

- Possibly, the gayest commercial on TV. I like Tiger, like Jeter, like Federer (bc I hate Nadal so much). Unfortunately, this commercial is terrible. Only NIKE could have made this semi-cool.

- Remi Gaillard, French Footballer, does his best Tiger golf ball bounce impression...and I must say...this might be cooler.

(head over to With Leather to read about the Cardinals/Pirates dream and also watch the video. it's slightly smaller video over there but the dream is hilarious)

- "The Hangover" finished a very close 2nd (and might be first after actual numbers are released) to "Up" at the box office this weekend. "Up" garnered $44.2 M while "Hangover" was at $43.3 M. Both movies are on my list of must-sees.

- Weird interview with Zach Galifiankis from Videogum. Weird but still funny. The man is impeccably funny.

- Bret Michaels almost got killed/beheaded/smashed last night at The Tony Awards. Performing on-stage with the "Rock of Ages" (?) cast, Michaels supposedly 'missed his mark'. This whole thing is wrong so I'm not going to research what the actual name of the cast is that Michaels performed with, I'm not going to see how many Tony Award shows there have been, I'm not going to find out why the F Bret Michaels was there at all. He almost got his head cut off. That's hilarious.

- Courtesy of FADER and Hot97, Jay-Z's new single from the forthcoming "Bluprint 3" has hit the internet. As Jay-Z says, he is the Frank Sinatra of hip-hop. The beat is awesome and it evokes "American Gangster"-like emotions for me. Count me in as one of the millions awaiting the sick beats on the new album.

- Phoenix is so damn awesome. Here's another version of "1901"...this time an incredible acoustic version for some French TV bs.

- Lastly, more of the above Megan Fox photos. Love.

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