Friday, January 30, 2009

Video Upload: Drew Carey Sucks. Bob Barker rules.

I've been watching "The Price Is Right" for a number of years. Sick day from grade school? "Price Is Right" at 11am. No class on Fridays in college? "Price Is Right" before beer die started. It was a simple way to pass the time and challenge your brain. Where else do you get the chance to outbid people on chandeliers and watch old women spin a gigantic wheel?

I'll admit "The Price Is Right" is practically unwatchable with Drew Carey as the host. I used to get giddy at the thought of someone guessing so correctly that they'd win both showcase showdowns. No one EVER came close when I watched. So imagine how close I came to shitting my pants when this happened. Exactly right? He guessed it EXACTLY correct?!? How could Drew Carey react like a dead guy? It was as if he was the one about to have his nuts tied.

Bob Barker WAS the "Price Is Right". I think part of his reaction to the following guy's antics were what made him so special. You gotta love when Bob gets pissed and barks, "What do you bid Joe!?" Oh, and it also helps when the dude asks the dumbest question ever, followed by the dumbest bid in the history of the show. Brace yourself. This guy's showcase showdown features Lil Wayne's new Bentley.

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